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The IMMENSITY project is a one-of-a-kind custom kernel that prioritises enhancing user experience, stability, and performance. Additionally, it supports all Xiaomi SM8250 devices with carefully calibrated OEM tweaks to give your device the greatest performance.


  • Complete AOSP | MIUI support for all xiaomi sm8250 devices.
  • Kernel base is upto date with the latest QCOM CLO Release tag for SM8250 devices LA.UM.9.12.r1-14700-SMxx50.0.
  • All the subtree kernel packages such as display-drivers, video-drivers, audio-kernel, camera-kernel, data-kernel have been updated to the corresponding QCOM CLO Release tag.
  • WLAN drivers both QCA CLD and CMN are Updated to latest QCOM CLO Release tag as well.
  • Kernel is in-lined with the AOSP common kernel branch android-4.19-stable at linux version 4.19.259 providing all the necessary CVE patches from AOSP as well as linux.
  • F2FS drivers has been in-lined with jaeguek/f2fs-stable from branch linux-4.19.y.
  • The Latency while switching between different refresh rates has been reduced to null.
  • The Latency while enrolling fingerprint has been reduced further the wakeup after long time of idle has been fixed.
  • Reduced Debugging and tracing to base minimum for security, performance and lower kernel size.
  • Compiled using the latest AOSP LLVM compiler 15.0.1 with full Link Time Optimization.
  • Enabled support for Wire Guard VPN acceleration.
  • Enabled support for mainline ExFAT FS , ERO FS and FUSE FS Filesystems.
  • Enabled support for NTFS Filesystem.
  • Enabled UFS Host Performance booster and TurboWrite booster on supported devices.
  • Enabled USB port Moisture detection support on supported ROMs.
  • Enabled TTL target support.
  • Added support for F2FS Compression on supported ROMs.
  • Added support for MGLRU Multi Generational LRU. Read more.
  • Added support for DAMON Data Access Monitoring Memory Reclaimation. Read more.
  • Added support for MPTCP Multipath TCP. Read more.
  • Replaced kernel random with L-RNG Read more.
  • Additionally saved 52MB or RAM reserved by DMA for ION pool.
  • Added support to always silently restart subsystem instead of kernel panic.
  • Moved various platform drivers probing method to asynchronous to reduce boot time at first stage.
  • Switched to mainline LZ4 compress/decompress algorithmn for zRAM.
  • Added support to tune PELT ramp/decay timings and reduced Utilization's PELT halflife to 16ms as default.
  • Switched to Using CONFIG_HZ as 300 to lower the jank on a loaded system.
  • Picked amazon linux TCP optimization patches.
  • Optimized Linux cortex strings performance.
  • Improved CPU performance on Indian devices.
  • Unlocked Max DDR Bus frequency on sm8250 platform.
  • Aligned GPU Frequency table of SM8250 devices with SM8250-AB.